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Project 529- Bike Registration


Help us take a "bike out of crime" by registering your bike for free at 


Keep an eye out for our Volunteers out at special events offering free registration for bikes. They will be out and about in the white Community Policing van. You can also visit our "events" tab on our page to see scheduled Project 529 events in the community. To learn more about Project 529, vist . To register your bike here in Nanaimo, please visit You can register your bike with your smart phone, tablet and or your PC. Simply download the Project 529 App to your smart device and use it to register your bike. This App is free and helps the Police identify bikes that are turned into them.A theft detterant "shield" can be purchased on the Project 529 website ($12) or you can obtain one for free from one of the Volunteer registration events once the bike has been registered. Watch the video:

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